Peer Review Process

After the article passes the plagiarism checking stage, and editor or editor section check, each manuscript will be reviewed by at least three independent referees who are within the subject area.

Peer review is a critical element of scholarly publication, and one of the major cornerstones of the scientific process. Peer Review serves two key functions:

1-Acts as a filter: Ensures research is properly verified before being published

2-Improves the quality of the research: rigorous review by other experts helps to hone key points and correct inadvertent errors


First screen

First Screen 

First Screen by Editor or editorial board

The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.

The manuscript within the specialized of our journal orientation. 

The sobriety of manuscript language . 

Using update and sober international references and not including more than one conference paper. 

The manuscript follows the structure of a scientific article. 

Did all references relate to the current work? 

Paper Novality?

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Review form

TJES Review Form Update

Please Read Reviewer Guidelines

Please select a number to indicate your level of agreement with the following questions. Select the lowest value (1 Star *) to indicate that you disagree entirely, or the highest value (5 Stars *****) to indicate that you agree completely.

The Manuscript is within the scope of TJES journal

The Manuscript title reflects the content and purpose of the research.

Your comments about Manuscript title (optional)

The abstract includes information important for understanding the content of the Manuscript?

Your comments about abstract? (optional)

The introduction clearly defines the purpose and objective of the work

Your comments about the introduction (optional)

A review of previous researches are good and up to date?

The methodology is clearly and adequate

your comments about methodology (optional)

The results and discussions are adequate?

your comments about results and discussions (optional)

The conclusions is based and contributes to the discharge of treated problems?

Your comments about conclusions (optional)

The references reflect the topicality of the article, and up to date?

The Manuscript is free of technical errors?

The figures are clear & do clearly convey the intended message?

The Tables are clear & do clearly convey the intended message?

please rate the novelty of the information?

Did this Manuscript make sense?

Comments to the Authors

Comments to TJES Editor?

Reviewer Recommendation

  Accepted without modifications. Accepted with minor corrections. Accepted with major modifications. Rejected.  

Return manuscript after reply from Author If you have corrections?

Check Manuscript (revision) by Reviewer

Checking the Manuscript Modification by Reviewer

This form used to check the revised manuscript 

Does the Author Consider all your comments?

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Comments (Please specify: where the Author's failure to answer the reviewer's questions)?

Suggest Reviewers if any?

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Final Screen By Editorial Board

Final Check By Section Editor

Please answer with “Yes” or “No”. if your answer is No then insert your comments in the comments box. If all answers are “Yes” then put No comments.

The researchers modified the Manuscript considering all the required adjustments as requested by the editorial board. *

The researchers modified the Manuscript considering all the required adjustments as requested by the reviewers *

Plagiarism ratio of less than 20%? *

The Manuscript is printed according to the TJES template *

Manuscript language is sobriety? *

Your comments *

Please write your opinion if one or two reviewers reject the Manuscript? Do you think the reviewer's notes amount to a rejection of the Manuscript? 

Other comments if any

The Decision
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Submit the Final version of the Manuscript to publishing in TJES

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    submission Id: TJES{$submissionId}

    Dear Authors/Author

    Please upload final version of your manuscript ( Ms-word file type) by click add message.

    Please note:

    1-You must re-write your article according to Author Guidline.

    2-The final version must include full details about authors (E-mail-affiliation-ORCID)

    3-If you use EndNote program you must download TJES references style form our website , you can find it in Author Guidlines (or click here). If you can't use it correctly you can arrange references manually.

    4-You may add new references form our journal. To see new article published in tikrit journal of engineering sciences click here.

    Best Regards

Author Final Check of Article Before Publishing

The corresponding author receives a final copy of the manuscript in discussion field within the production tab
The corresponding author must make notes and modifications, if any.
The author must know that the manuscript after its publication cannot be made any modification.

Please note: if the modification is very necessary the author can submit erratum and pay fees.

Erratum: a correction of a published text. As a general rule, publishers issue an erratum for a production error (i.e., an error introduced during the publishing process) and a corrigendum for an author’s error. It is usually bound into the back of a book, but for a single error, a slip of paper detailing a corrigendum may be bound in before or after the page on which the error appears. An erratum may also be issued shortly after its original text is published (not more than 1 week).